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Here you can find information regarding classified advertising websites. We will help you to find the best ways to advertise for free online by using such websites. This will help you to gain traffic and leads!


The Development of Classified Ads

Lately the word "classified advertising" or "classified ads" has extended merely from printed advertisements in newspapers to include similar types of advertising on radio, computers and even T.V, mostly satellite or cable T.V but sometimes broadcast T.V too.
Like the majority of printed media, classified ads have made its way to the Internet, as newspapers have taken their classified advertising online new groups have found online classified advertising to be very beneficial.

Online classifieds don’t usually set their prices based on the length of the ads, so they tend to be much longer and full of details. They are also searchable via search engines, not like printed material, local to consumer areas, and may raise a larger sense of urgency.

Most online companies provide free classifieds on an international scale. While other companies may focus mostly on their local hometown or region.  The first online classified advertising website was Craigslist.org. This website has grown to become the biggest online classified source, with over 14 million unique visitors a month. Craigslist.org has inspired an increasing amount of classified sites as more and more companies have created classified markets online. You can now find niche classifieds that specialize in boats, pianos, pets, cars and more.