Craigslist Posting At It’s Finest!

The day has changed with craigslist and it is getting more and more difficult to post ads on craigslist. If you are attempting to post many ads on craigslist, to be honest… it is not going to happen unless you hire a Craigslist Posting Team.It’s 2014, going on 2015 and Craigslist is putting up more and more filtering systems to stop you for posting more than 3 ads every 2 days.You may have heard of “Ghosting”, “Flagging”, “Auto-Flagging”, “Flagging”, “Captchas”, “PVAs” and people making “Tons of Money” on craigslist.Well every single one of those things are true. Ghosting happens when you abuse your craigslist account and post over 3 ads a day and do not follow the “post 3 ads every 2 days” rule.

Ghosting means that even though in the backend of your account your ad says they are alive, showing and active. They are really not. They are not listed and cannot be found. Hence the word… “Ghost-ed”.If you are seeing that your ads are always pink/deleted, your account has been “Blacklisted” because you have “abused” your account. Unfortunately there is no way around this and you have what is known as a ”dead” account. This is due to your IP’s being logged by craigslist and no matter how many times you switch your content, your images ect…. It is your IP’s that get your blacklisted. Your Ip’s and your account in general.Good luck opening up any other craigslist account after that by the way…. No matter what email, phone ect… you use… you will be blacklisted because of you IP addresses.Now “Auto-Flagging” happens because of your competition.

There is something called auto-flagging software that can be ran to identify your keywords, ip address, email and more. Whenever this software comes by your ad, it then flags it. Giving you no chance for sales, conversions, opt –ins, leads and no chance in general to make money.“Captchas” are different. They are found everywhere. A captcha is the little box you always see with the funky numbers and letters that you have to re-write to continue to the next page, complete a submission and to prove you are not a robot.

These aren’t anything that important. Just an extra step in the filtering system craigslist put there to stop “us” from advertising our businesses and making an honest living.Now… “PVA’s” is one of the most difficult things on craigslist. PVAs are the heart and soul for the most part to post on craigslist. Even though you still need the proper servers to post in bulk, the proper IP software, and more, PVA’s are what really get most people. It causes them to stress, spend money and then BAM, nothing happens because you do not have any of the other tools.PVA’s also known as Phone Verified Accounts are there to have you verify a phone number so you do not create multiple accounts.

Once a phone number is verified you can not verify it again for 90 days. This makes people go to friends, family, co-workers ect… to create new craigslist accounts. But the thing is… once they do that… they grow impatient. Log into their craigslist account of the computer they shouldn’t, then craigslist links their banned/blacklisted IP address to the new PVA and then that account gets blacklisted as well and now the Phone number is wasted.Craigslist is a vicious cycle, but if used properly can make you A LOT of money.


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